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Sled Dogs spreading through the world like wild fire! This spooky nightskating clip was taken in Transylvania during the EU demo trip in 2015. If you have any material about having fun with the snowskates, don’t hesitate to upload them here and share with the community! 😉


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Sled Dogs Snowskates K9 Rabid Test

After Sled Dogs Snowskates came out with the perfected basic line, the R&D section of the company immediately started to improve the existing skates using the pro team’s feedbacks to make an equipment especially for the higher impacts.

Squad testing the k9 rabid

The result is the K9 Rabid, wich became the flagship skate in no time. This is the equipment for those who wants to experience the limits what Sled Dogs can give them. We had a proper test in the season, so let’s see what these snowskates can give you.

First day on Sled Dogs Snowskates in Donovaly

The three guys had a great time on Sled Dogs in Donovaly, Slovakia. All of them learned the basics very quickly and were very confident inspite of the conditions were not very good for beginners. Tomek never skied before and since his first try four weeks ago he got enough practice to say there is now black lines for Sled Dogs because every slope is easy and fun with the snowskates!

Check out this short video about their first day!

Trickopedia opened

The Trickopedia just opened and awaits your movements on the snowskates! Our goal is to have a database where all the tricks can be found with pictures and videos to show you the possibilities on Sled Dogs. There will be explanations for you to help to learn the special movements.

andreas lihus

On the other hand we would like to motivate you developing new tricks and show them to the Family. The first member who upload the video about a trick and send the correct explanation for it will own the trick. If you invent something new then you can name it! This is our world and here is the chance to become a part of it’s history!